Yamma is a world first service that allows you to focus on yourself. It makes you the most important person alive showing you how to make your life better, how to deal with the often difficult situations life can throw at you while giving you the understanding and tools you need to deal with them as taught by a range of experts, all in the form of vocal recordings, support reading, videos, web links and help lines.
Please sit back, close your eyes and listen to topics ranging from cancer to friendship, spots to sleep, money to sex.

Main Features

First step help through lists of expertly written vocal recordings that can be found in the categories of; relationships, feelings, life and health. There are titles dealing with every topic all structured to give you information, support and, above all, the motivation and actions you can take now to deal with your problems. You can also explore and gain the knowhow to help someone you care for, someone who maybe having problems of their own with life, so you can help them find the right way forward, as advised by our writers and experts.

Further help shows you the next steps you can take in the form of; suggested books, reading material, weblinks, helplines and video support.

Veritas list helps you find a therapist through the largest listing of therapists in the UK. The listing gives you all the information you will need to make an informed choice on what is right for you.

About me quiz is a daily quiz that will test you and ask questions to probe your personality, helping you find who the real you is. This is designed to be both fun and informative.

Insight4me are short daily recordings that will give you a simple mind technique that you carry out every day. It is designed to; make you feel good, think positively, motivate and empower you. This is an extremely powerful tool and definitely a worthwhile daily habit to form.

Me time is around ten minutes of daily relaxation guidance, you just click, listen, relax and drift. Ten minutes a day just for you. The benefits of relaxation are scientifically proven, now all you have to do is form the habit, listen everyday and you will reap those benefits.

Inspirational videos - we can draw massive inspiration from the people around us, at insight we take the time to search out the best motivational videos for you to watch. A different one is available every day.

What you think matters – everyday on our landing page, we will ask you a different question, this is because we want to know what you think, what your needs are and what direction you want insight to go. We are focused on helping you, motivating you and helping you through what can often be a difficult life. By simply clicking the “yes” or “no” reply, we will hear your opinion and mould ourselves accordingly.

Daily news feature with free recording on landing page – sometimes you hear of difficult things happening in the world and you might need a little support. Every day we look to see what is happening and give away a free message to help, support, motivate and encourage.